Rental Car Tour: Valparaiso-Vina del Mar: Urban Area on the Incline


Valparaiso-Vina del Mar is located on the Pacific Coast of Chile. The urban area is principally composed of three large municipalities, including Valparaiso, Vina del Mar and Quilpue. Much of the Valparaiso-Vina del Mar area is located on a narrow plain in front of steep hills. The city of Valparaiso is in the southern part of the urban area, mostly on a narrow plain along the Pacific Ocean, with the remainder on a steep rise of hills to the east. The city of Valparaiso is the historic, principal ocean port of Chile.

Vina del Mar is to the north along the coast. Vina del Mar is principally on flat land along the coast and a valley that extends to the east. Quilpue is located further inland, in a valley east of Vina del Mar.

The city of Valparaiso is the capital of Chile’s Valparaiso region (Slide: Regions of Chile). The city also shares national capital duties with Santiago, as the home of the National Congress.

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