Rental Car Tour: San Diego: The End of Growth

There are few urban areas in the United States more highly favored than San Diego. San Diego is nearly universally considered a good place to live. It has one of the best climates in the nation. The Pacific Ocean keeps temperatures from getting as hot as in the desert, which is just over the mountains. In this regard, San Diego has a huge advantage over relatively nearby Phoenix and Las Vegas. Moreover, San Diego simply does not get very cold, which gives it a strong advantage over more northerly west coast urban areas like Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Finally, rain and clouds are somewhat rare in San Diego, sparing it the grayness that drives depression and even suicide rates higher in places like Portland and San Diego. Then there is the matter of humidity. San Diego is not like Singapore, Miami, Houston or even Chicago or Toronto. This Mediterranean climate is largely devoid of humidity when the temperature is high.

Finally, the urban area that San Diego most resembles in climate, geography and topography, Los Angeles, has long since lost its former allure, due to its much larger population. Thus, San Diego is as popular among Los Angelenos as it is among residents of colder, more regions with more inclement weather.

Smart Growth and the End of Growth

San Diego, however, is not without its difficulties. This paradise of American urban areas has fallen into trends that should cause great alarm.

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