More Efficient Vehicles Blow Cover of Anti-Mobility Lobby

Honda has announced that it will begin marketing a hydrogen powered fuel-cell car in some California locations next year. Fuel-cell cars operate on hydrogen, which produces only water as exhaust and thus produces no carbon dioxide.

Fuel cells vehicles appear to have significant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They emit no greenhouse gases, however the production of the fuel involves emissions.

Virtual carbon neutrality can be achieved if hydrogen is manufactured with electricity generated by renewable sources, and in this situation fuel cell vehicles would equal the potential of “plug in” battery cars. Both technologies are some years away. However, the various GHG reduction targets being proposed are also some years away.

Honda, and other manufacturers are working on lower emission vehicles of various types. They are poised to show that cars are capable of achieving whatever reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is required in the longer run --- all of which is to prove anew that technology is the answer, despite the preference of the Jeremahs to view the world through sludge colored glasses.

All of this could take away greenhouse gas emissions cover as a justification in the anti-mobility, anti-car (for that matter, anti-economic growth and pro-poverty) agenda.

Honda Clarity